Dear Mr Jobs

We were born on the same day, some years apart. If I’d met you, I am certain that would have been the first thing I would have said. I can imagine you would not have been particularly bowled over by the fact.

I’d like to think that as fellow fish both working in creative jobs, maybe there are some shared “somethings”. Truth be told our birth date in common is where our creative similarities cease, but yours have been never-ending.

Today you left us all with this strange gaping hole. We’re crying, tweeting, talking, and sharing. You made beautiful things that helped us to do this so elegantly.

I’d like to say something about them, but really, I’d always wanted to know what resided in your soul.

And I think you told us one day, a few years ago, in that one key speech. Your commencement address. It connected all of your dots for the world to see, read, share, re-quote and hang on to for dear life.

Do you know Stay Hungry is trending on Twitter? Yeah. Today that’s probably the most quoted, Fb’d, re tweeted part of your most public, most revealing speech that told everyone practically everything about you – maybe without anyone even realising or understanding at the time.

You were a dreamer. In mom jeans, a black turtleneck, and white sneakers. Yeah, it was the practiced silicon valley 80s geek look. By many accounts you were also an intense, control freak, brusque, exacting standards kinda guy.

But somewhere along the way you learnt something big about how things work. And I don’t mean computers.

You got wise. And came to grips a long time ago it seems, with the magic of synchronicity, the beauty of a destiny in progress, the lure of the road less travelled,  the delight of simplicity, and the infinite value of life lessons.

But you also understood the power of the end. And from this, all the amazing beginnings you dreamt seemed to appear.

Thank you for reminding everyone in words so profound, that the greatest achievements begin with a soul-stirring, that every beginning has an end, and that to get anywhere good, you need to have enduring love for what you do, the people who support you, and, steadfast belief in your dreams.

PS: I hope they have Twitter in heaven.