As the host of Season 2 of the super popular reality series, Can You Serve, this was a cool opportunity – go “undercover” as a new trainee at the Warehouse ION outlet, spend the evening as a sales associate, try not to get recognised, and write about it for

4:30PM: Yours truly stands in the middle of the Warehouse ION outlet. Nervous. Slightly perplexed. Wearing a cute wrap dress from their latest collection as my temporary uniform.

I’m trying to recall everything “shop in charge” – equivalent to store manager – Jenneth Rearte has just told me in my “new employee” briefing: sizes, reservations, washing details, new arrivals, collection names, gift cards, promotions, membership, other stores, opening hours – and most important for all those in need – “where are the toilets on this floor please?” And I can think of nothing else but shopping, shopping, shopping! Focus, woman!

I notice my TRAINEE tag is askew. How reflective of the moment.

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